Summary : 9 great tips-and-tricks for writing a summary

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9 great tips and tricks for writing a summary

In a word, what we realized after a story or paragraph is called summary writing in our own language. Summary is the essence of a passage.

what is summary?

Summary:  The word summary means essence, essence, etc. That is, the main word of a paragraph is called the summary of that paragraph
A summary is a process by which only a part of a short story, a poem or a discourse, is made up of artistic and creative parts.
In a word, what we realized after a story or paragraph is called summary writing in our own language. A summary is the essence of a passage.


Kinds of Summary:

 There are two kinds of summary

1. Person-Based       

2. Any informative/ Subject Based

1. Person based: Usually, a person is discussed such as Begum Rokia, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Michael Madhusudan Dutt.


Ø Some Important Topics of person Based Summary

  • *      Name: the passage deals with Begum Rokeya, Kazi Nazrul Islam
  • *      Date of birth and Birthplace complete with  2/3 sentence
  • *      Education
  • *      Activities
  • *      Surname/ Award/Achievement
  • *      Date of Death


2.Informative: Discovering any historical information discusses history, heritage and culture.

Ø Some important Topics of Informative Summary


  • }  Main Idea
  • }  Supporting Idea
  • }  Century/ time
  • }  Benefits
  • }  User friendly /pros/cons
  • }  Sacrifice

Summary writing: In this case, all that must be accepted.

1. The meaning of the passage must be read well understood

2. Interrogative, Exclamatory sentence, and Question mark must be avoided.

3. Always avoid 1st person

4. Summary must write a simple sentence

5. Don't copy full passage use your own words

6. You must be written 1/3 of the passage


A Sample a passage


Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, the legendary Bengali writer-activist whose leadership had transformed the lives of thousands of people in this region and beyond, was born on this day in 1880. Incidentally, she died on the same day, 52 years later. For those who may not know, Begum Rokeya was an advocate of women's rights in the Indian subcontinent during the British rule. Through her charismatic and resilient leadership, she defied all obstacles put up by a society that barred women from pursuing their dreams. With a sound knowledge of the history of the region and the challenges facing the time and society in which she lived, she was a woman far more advanced and progressive than her contemporaries.



The Writing process

v Topic Passage

·          In this passage, the text discusses about …?

·       The text is about…

        Body: To make the first sentence or topic stand by the summary, write a few sentences based on the original passage that especially presents the content of the passage. These sentences will be the body of the summary.

·         Finally we will finish with nice structured comments, in this case, English idea thus /       finally / overall / so /, as a result, we will use all these connectors.

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